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Introducing Aras Zarbaft Group

Zarbaft Aras Production Group has been professional in the field of production and distribution of plastic bags and sacks since 2001 in Tehran market, relying on world-class knowledge and successful practical experience of several years in the field of printing and packaging of various food and industrial products. Health, livestock and poultry feed, agriculture and… began. This production, distribution complex, by prioritizing the needs of customers and producing and supplying the highest quality products at the most appropriate prices, has been able to be one of the most well-known collections of plastic sack bags and plastic sack rolls throughout Iran and neighboring countries.

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The largest sales center for plastic bags

Our sales representatives are professional

Quality is a key component in our products

Honesty and trust are the underlying principles of trade in Aras Zarbaft

We have more than a decade of experience in this field

You buy our products with a valid warranty

We specialize in producing high quality goods

Customers and those interested in obtaining information or buying different types of plastic sacks can contact the company in various ways and provide what they need. Zarbaft Aras, of course, has very good services for customers, including consulting, design, stereotypes and cylinders, color tag printing up to six graphic colors, printing a complex image in full color, etc., completely customized for products, which also includes this service. Other companies in this field are unique.

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